NOAA Image of Deep-sea Coral
NOAA Image of Deep-sea Coral

The vast array of habitats found within the Earth’s oceans is central to a wide diversity of life. Amongst them are deep-sea habitats thousands of meters from the surface, hydrothermal vents at temperatures of hundreds of degrees centigrade, diverse coral reefs and challenging polar conditions where temperatures plummet.

Many people deem these habitats to be extreme, home to a range of organisms that seem to thrive in fringe conditions some have even become widely known as extremophiles. However, this is a confusing premise, leading to a question…. Are extreme habitats actually extreme to those organisms that live there?

This website forms part of a third year taught undergraduate course at the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University. Our students are studying extreme marine habitats and this site represents their opinions and research on a chosen habitat. Not all students may allow their sites to be public, but we hope many will.

Who are we?

bangorThis module is run by Andrew Davies, a lecturer in the School of Ocean Sciences and other staff including Prof. Chris Richardson, Prof. David Thomas and Prof. John Turner. The School is one of the largest university Marine Science departments in Europe, a multi-disciplinary department located on the shores of the Menai Strait, North Wales, UK.