In this page, we discuss what makes a good article for “” and by extension, build a series of preliminary guidelines/rules/way points regarding developing our articles for the “” website.

Remember that the very best articles are thought provoking, often discussive and leave the reader wanting more, develop novelty, experiment with content, move from the safe into a world of developing something that touches the very people who read it.

Positive elements

  1. Catchy Title – Competing for attention in an information dominated world.
  2. Relatable – Clear prose, short sentences, informal, justification.
  3. Structure and flow – Gives contexts early on, strong conclusion, questioning style with sub-headings, tightly focused.
  4. Images and visuals – Engaging, captures the imagination, good caption
  5. Balance – Between science and general public, visualizing your audience
  6. Hyperlinks – Provide references, large variety of sources, careful with opinions

Negative elements

  1. Bias – Need to be based on evidence
  2. Rambling – Lose attention, they will just leave
  3. Formality – Avoid strong scientific language, condescending tone
  4. Closed access – Green archiving
  5. Bad proportion of visual aids – Boring, must be relevant
  6. Appropriate captions of visual aids

Photo’s of student group summaries

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